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 Avanos Recalls Cortrak*2 Over Potential Enteral Tube Misplacement
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HỎI: This has led to the deaths of 23 people and 60 injuries.

This is a Class I recall by FDA which is the most severe type. These devices could cause serious injuries or even death.

Sam Brusco Associate Editor05.16.22

The FDA has identified the recall by Avanos Medical of their Cortrak*2 entry access system. The recall of 629 devices distributed between 2016 and 2022 started on March 21.

https://www.medtechdive.com/news/avanos-medical-recall-class-i/623892/ Cortrak 2 eternal access system Cortrak*2 helps clinicians place medical feeding tubes inside the stomach or in the small bowels of patients who require nutrition via the tube.

Avanos Mediacal Cortrak 2 The recall of the system was caused by the deaths and injuries of patients resulting from the incorrect placement of nasocentric/nasogastric tubes. These tubes assist in placing them. https://www.medicaltubingandextrusion.com/avanos-medical-recall-of-cortrak-2-enteral-access-system-is-class-i/ Incorrectly inserting a nasogastric tube or nasoenteric one can cause serious injury and even cause death.

Cortrak 2 eternal access system As per Avanos safety information the problem has led to more than 23 deaths and 60 injuries. The adverse events identified included respiratory failure, perforation, and pneumonia, as well as the development of pleural effusion.

Avanos Medical feeding tube Cortrak*2 will use this recall to revise the instructions for its use and intended uses. Avanos Medical Cortrak 2 eternal access system Users must confirm the placement of tubes in accordance with established protocols before they are able to deliver nutritional supplements.

Clinicians were advised to attach the corrective field note about the issue in their operating manual and to return the acknowledgment form that was enclosed in the notice to Avanos. Avanos plans to give users an current labeling, which will include confirmation of the placement of tubes as per the policies of the institution prior to the use.

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