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 Advertising And Minecraft
Họ tên: Palmer Sears , Địa chỉ:746 New Hampshire, Email:willabellaorpheus@emailfence.net

Abstract (summary): This study explores the educational benefits of video games and video game based learning. Specifically, Needrealtor.Net investigates the effectiveness of a popular video game called Minecraft in a classroom setting. The data for this study was collected using three semi-structured interviews with educators who are already using the game in class as the main, optional or supplementary tool. The participants were asked to share their ideas of experiences with Minecraft. Findings suggest that Minecraft is mobilized as an excellent tool that decentralizes instruction, encourages students’ creativity, facilitates collaboration in class, allows for cross-classroom and cross-curricular teaching, addresses some of the needs of diverse students and students who have experienced prior school struggles and may potentially even have therapeutic values for students with learning disabilities. Introduction of Minecraft to a classroom however may be a difficult task as initial financial investments, hardware requirements, technological knowledge and board regulations may unfortunately prevent certain schools from using Minecraft in class. Furthermore, teachers interested in implementing Minecraft into their schools have to maintain a student-guided and game-based learning environment in order to receive the full benefits of Minecraft based classroom.

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