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 Çukur “The Pit” Tv Series: One of The Best Tv Series of 2018
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HỎI: Çukur "The Pit" is one of the most amazing Turkish television series lately. The series turned out to find actual success to the point that "The Pit" become a social peculiarity. Çukur - The Pit carried a new idea to Turkish Tv Series and Drama, activity, show, satire and secret in an entire introduced in an extremely quick and familiar stream.

Yamaç his dad Idris koçovalı and Aliço. There is generally secret before the activity in Çukur - The Pit
Indeed, even right away, Çukur "The Pit" varies from other mafia and activity television series, it's altogether different in light of the fact that it has a few novel flavors in it; a local dissent culture, fun, energy.

Çukur "The Pit" Tv series is currently in its subsequent season and its the most well known television series in Turkey at the present time.

The Story of Çukur - "The Pit"
Yamaç was a scientist and an artist prior to getting back to Çukur - The Pit
Çukur - "The Pit" of the most perilous and neighborhoods of Istanbul. Yet, it's not only an area its a pit, and the pit that Istanbul falls into! The ghetto is administered by areas of strength for a, the Koçova family. Idris Koçova is the Godfather of the hood and he has specific standards that nobody can pass even in their business which is connected with wrongdoing. The main rule is the denial of medications. Drugs can't be delivered, utilized or sold in Çukur. In any case, on one occasion a man named "Vartolu" has gotten back to Çukur and not entirely settled to break the "Medication boycott" of Koçova Family. Right away, Vartolu attempts to haggle with the Koçova's however when his solicitation is dismissed he goes after the area and the family with his power. Similarly as he feels that he has placed the family kneeling down something unpredicted comes up. Yamaç, sen cal kapimi english subtitles from Koçova family is currently in the hood!

Vartolu in The Pit television series
Yamaç (played by Aras Bulut Iynemli) is a young fellow who is a physicist in the daytime and a performer around evening time, carrying on with his life in the cutting edge piece of Istanbul in the manner he needs to. He's a man who doesn't ponder tomorrow. One night he meets a delightful young lady as injured and perilous as himself.

Sena (played by Dilan Çiçek Deniz) Çukur - The Pit
She goes by Sena (played by Dilan Çiçek Deniz). Before long they fall head over heels and get hitched. While feeling that they would live "cheerfully ever later", Yamaç's family that he accepted he had abandoned separates them. As Sena follows Yamaç and runs in the family, they don't know that their lives won't ever go back.

Çukur Season first Season Teaser:
The primary season was so quick and dynamic that all that in The Pit has changed rapidly and the test of control of the area was extremely intense! Its exceptionally difficult to compose without giving spoilers, however we can say that the last episode of The Pit was an extraordinary riddle and the beginning of the subsequent season was an incredible starting episode to merited being watched!

There is consistently activity in Çukur - The Pit television series
Assuming its alright to have little spoilers, in light of the fact that its difficult to tell about the subsequent season, its not only the Vartolu, the story is getting greater, the hidden world isn't simply the nearby packs, the heads are coming, the vengeance of Yamaç and the foes of the Idris Koçovalı from the past makes Çukur - The Pit-like a terrible.

Çukur - The Pit second Season Teaser 1

How Çukur "The Pit Became" so Popular?
The Çukur "The Pit" activity dramatization TV series has something else from other television series, it has serious areas of strength for a, it makes its own way of life… Yes, the area is fictitious and as a matter of fact,

Where is Çukur The Pit is being shot
Çukur is shot in Balat (youtube - google maps), really an exceptionally tranquil neighborhood of Istanbul. However, its the progress of the makers to make a ghetto in for the crowd.

The Pit - Çukur, is continuously areas of strength for giving to the crowd through by the road compositions in the back scenes, they are generally dissenting, or whining about destiny or misrepresenting the point of life even jokes! The road wrings makes still strong impacts and can give motivation to the crowd. In 2013 they become exceptionally famous during the Gezi Park Protests and they referred to it as "Lopsided Intelligence", yes this works in Çukur, the crowd for the most part the youths loved it!

For more road Writings see https://www.showtv.com.tr/dizi/haber/1967355-cukur-sozleri

The subsequent significant justification for Çukur's prosperity is the music behind it, rap music, fight music and the new things that normal individuals don't know yet youths like it, it lives in the hood, the ghetto has it.

A melodic battle scene in The Pit (The music by Gazapizm Heyecanı Yok)
Çukur The Pit Music on Youtube

The situation, well known actors&actress, the secret, the fast fun show to fun arrangements are the believes that makes Çukur to be watched.

The Pit series broadcast by Show Tv on Mondays 20:00 Istanbul Time and furthermore gushed on puhutv.com (accessible from Turkey as it were)

The episodes can be watched on Youtube (no English Subtitle yet)- Official Youtube Channel of The Pit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTAkwLbVzHxsbgsp6cRsPDg/recordings

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