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 Kızım – My Daughter Tv Series: A Great Drama Packed With Comedy
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HỎI: My Daughter television series is a dad and girl story. The series shows us how a dad can help his girl and the things that he abandons. The story is an eight-year-old young lady who, in contrast to her companions, has an exceptionally clear discernment, a solid feeling of compassion and an extremely wise young lady.

Kızım My Daughter Tv Series
The subject of my girl
Demir Göktürk (played by Buğra Gülsoy) is a cheat and reckless man who leaves his sweetheart and his better half doesn't understand that she is pregnant while leaving her beau. Öykü (played by Beren Gökyıldız), their exquisite Daughter is conceived, and his mom leaves and passes on Öykü to her his aunt. At some point, his auntie gave Öykü his dad's location and composed a letter saying that he could never again check it out. Rather than going to the nursing home, the story starts to search for his dad. At the point when his auntie had left Öykü, who raised her since she was conceived, Öykü needs to find her dad, Demir, whom he had never seen. Demir, who had not assumed any liability in his life and who was brought up in a halfway house, is captured upon the arrival of Öykü's appearance. Demir is delivered by the court with the state of really focusing on his girl, however he would rather not live with Öykü he has met on that day.

Kızım My Daughter Tv Drama Show
In any case, tragically Öykü has a major medical issue, she had a sickness Niemann - Pick a hereditary problem causes carelessness like dementia and she fails to remember everything step by step. Whenever sen cal kapimi english subtitles understands what is going on, he attempts to change and give his best for make Öykü upset with the present circumstance. Meanwhile, Demir goes gaga for a lady Candan (Leyla Lydia Tugutlu), and the show starts with the dramatization of the triplet brimming with parody.

Demir, Öykü and Candan in My Daughter Turkish Drama

The dramatization is based a unique Korean television program "My Fair Lady" "Gracious My Geum Bi" and communicated by TV8 @ https://www.tv8.com.tr/kizim

SPOILER: The sickness of Öykü appears to be dangerous however in the first My Fair Lady series finale, uplifting news the little girl was as yet alive following 7-8 years, we truly want to believe that she will be fine in Turkish variant.

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